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Refer A Friend - Give $5, Get $5

What is the Refer A Friend Programme? 

  • We want to offer a little thank you for helping to spread the word about Blossom Baby and how our products can help other mums. 
  • If you tell a friend about us and they use your unique Referral Link to enter our website, they will receive $5 coupon code to use. When they purchase using this coupon, you will automatically receive $5 of Blossom Rewards Points. 

How does my friend use the Referral Link?

  • They need to click on the Referral Link, or copy and paste it into their internet browser. 
  • They will be taken to our website, and the Rewards pop up window will automatically appear and prompt them to enter their email address. 
  • The referral discounts will only work if they enter our website using this link. 

How do I get my Referral Link?

  1. Join our Blossom Rewards Programme - there is a purple gift box icon named "Rewards" on the bottom right hand corner of our website. Click on this and fill in your details to join up. 
  2. Then, make sure you have signed in to your Blossom Rewards Account, this is done via the purple Rewards icon. 
  3. Scroll down to the very bottom of the Rewards pop up window. You will see your unique Referral Link, and some ways to share it. 

What's the best way to share my Referral Link?

  • In the Rewards pop up, you can click on the icons below your unique link to easily share via email, Facebook, Messenger, What's App or Twitter.
  • Please make sure to write a personalised message or posts, including your name, so your friends don't think it is spam or that you have been hacked! For example in an email or Messenger: "Hey Emma, I have been using these waterproof cot sheets and I thought they might also be helpful for wee George and his reflux? You can get a $5 discount by clicking to the website with this code. Let me know if you have any questions! Milly xx". Or for a Facebook post: "Hi Facebook friends - I'm loving the washable change mat liners from Blossom Baby, I've got a free $5 discount for anyone who is interested, just click through to the website here and you will get one"
  • Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link into a text message, email, Facebook Group post, SnapChat or any other way you communicate with your friends and family. 
  • Because Instagram does not allow clickable links or the ability to copy and paste text on posts, we suggest you ask your friends/followers to DM you to get the Referral Link, or add the link under the 'website' area of you Bio. 
  • Also on Instagram, you can add clickable links to IGTV, and for some accounts (eg verified or having large audience), you can add a clickable link to your Stories using the "Swipe Up" feature. 

How will I know if my friend uses my Referral Link?

  • We will pop you a quick email to let you know once a friend makes a purchase after using your Referral Link. 

Is there a limit to how much Rewards Points I can earn with Refer A Friend?

  • No, it is unlimited - so feel free to spread the word as often as you like! However, please note Reward Points are not transferable for cash, they may only be used towards a purchase from our website. 

Note: If you have a large audience on social media, are an influencer, or are interested in being a brand rep and want to promote Blossom Baby's products in the longer term, please get in touch with us, as we offer a separate system for this with unique coupon codes that follower can use at checkout and that are easier to promote. Thanks so much!