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The Cheat Sheet: Waterproof Bassinet Sheet/Change Pad Cover

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This sheet will be your best friend at 2 a.m. after a nappy leak or a spill! The snuggly jersey cotton fitted bassinet sheet feels and sounds like a normal sheet but has a clever, quiet waterproof layer hidden underneath, making wet bed changes quick and easy. No need to wrestle with or wash a separate mattress protector. More sleep, less washing! 


Changing the sheet and the mattress protector in the middle of the night when you are tired, bleary-eyed and dealing with a wet, crying baby is no fun. We designed the Cheat Sheet to make changing wet or soiled sheets super quick and easy, so you can get back to bed and enjoy a few minutes of extra sleep! 

When you have transitioned your baby out of the bassinet, the Cheat Sheet can then be used as a change pad cover too. 

  • The fitted sheet is made from a super snuggly, soft and stretchy cotton jersey. This high quality fabric is comfortable for your baby no matter what the temperature or season.  
  • Hidden underneath is a sewn in waterproof protector. You won't even know it's there - the sheet looks, sounds and feels like a normal sheet when it's on your bassinet, but will prevent any nappy leaks, reflux or spills from getting on your mattress. 
  • No need to replace a separate mattress protector every time your sheets get wet, and also means half the washing! 
  • An alternative to leaving a cloth or pad under baby's head to catch spills - the NZ safe sleep guidelines state there should be no loose items or bedding in the bassinet. 
  • Available in classic white, soft blue or soft pink. 

And here's a trick we call "The Ultimate Cheat" - place two Cheat Sheets on the mattress at a time. When one is wet, just quickly remove and - ta da - a clean sheet is already in place! 

When you have transitioned your baby out of the bassinet, the Cheat Sheet can then be used as a change pad cover too!  

How to Use

  • Place the Cheat Sheet straight on your mattress, with no need for a separate mattress protector. 
  • When the sheet gets wet or soiled, whip it off and pop it in the wash. 
  • The Cheat Sheet is designed to fit a standard NZ bassinet size mattress of 40cm by 76cm, however due to the stretch of the cotton jersey and generous skirt and full elastic, it can fit slightly smaller or larger mattresses, including oval shaped mattresses and most co-sleepers. It is important the sheets fit snugly on your mattress. Please measure your mattress and do contact us if you are unsure. 
  • The Cheat Sheet some in a matching drawstring bag. We have chosen to leave off our branding so you can re-use this for any purpose - use as a gift bag, to store toys or clothes, to help organise your nappy bag etc. 
  • When you are no longer using the bassinet, you can re-use the Cheat Sheet as a change pad cover, or a pillow protector for preschoolers with tummy bugs (eek). 

Care & Materials

The top sheet is made from 95% cotton with 5% elastane for stretch. The waterproof layer is made from coated PUL, and the sheet has a generous skirting with full elastic for a snug fit. 

  • Please wash with like colours before first use, then check for loose threads and remove if any are found. 
  • Cool or warm machine wash and line dry only.
  • Do not tumble dry, bleach or iron. Tumble drying may damage the elastane, or cause shrinkage. 

Safe Sleep

New Zealand’s safe sleep guidelines have been developed from science and research, and have helped significantly reduce the rates of sudden infant death. Please always follow safe sleep guidelines with your baby. In particular when using our sheets:

  • Please ensure our sheets fit tightly on your cot or bassinet. We are more than happy to accept returns if the sheets are not a snug fit! 
  • The mattress must be firm. Soft mattresses and underlays increase risk of SUDI due to changing the position of baby’s airway (even when they are on their backs), and their face sinking into the surface causing suffocation. Please do not use a padded or puffy underlay or protector under our sheets. 
  • Always put your baby on their back in their bassinet or cot. Babies sleeping on their sides or tummies have a much higher risk of SUDI (sudden unexplained death of infants)
  • Once baby is rolling, swaddles must be removed so they can move freely. 
  • Don’t put anything in their bed that could cover your baby’s face, lift their head or choke them – no toys, pillows, loose bedding, bibs, headbands, bumper pads etc. This includes using a muslin, towel or other cloth under their head to catch spills. 
  • Ensure your baby is at a comfortable temperature. You can check that your baby is warm but not too hot by feeling the back of their neck or their tummy (under the clothes). Baby should feel warm, but not hot or cold. 

For further safe sleep advice, see Plunket:

Shipping & Returns


  • Flat rate shipping: $5 for urban, $8 for rural delivery
  • Free shipping for orders over $75. 


It is super important to us that you are a happy customer, so we offer three different types of returns:

  • 30 day Helpful Guarantee: if our products don’t make it easier for you to deal with all those little accidents, we will refund your money. Buy with confidence! 
  • Change of Mind return/exchange: if the product is unopened, unwashed and unused and in re-sellable, as new condition, we will accept it back in exchange for a store credit within 7 days of purchase. All shipping is at your cost. 
  • Faulty products: we will arrange for replacement, refund or store credit and cover all shipping fees. 

Please see our Shipping & Returns Policy page HERE for full details.

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    I LOVED it! I have a baby with really bad reflux and we experience constant spills all day/night long. I was forever changing sheets to ensure a dry bed. With these waterproof sheets I was able to avoid this, such a lifesaver! I can place my baby in a dry bed and not worry about the mattress getting wet with each spill. This saved me from having a mattress protector and multiple layers of sheets on the bed to protect the mattress and try to keep a dry bed. We have an old bassinet that's been in the family for years with a large oval mattress (82x42cm). The sheet fitted great, wasn’t a stretch at all to make it fit. If you change sheets regularly for any reason these would help you so much! Such a great quality sheet that fits its purpose really well, I highly recommend!

    Deb T.

    I really love the fit and how easy it was to remove and clean ready for the next day. It doesn't feel like an obviously waterproof sheet like some waterproof mattress protectors do which is great, it also doesn't look like one either once it’s on the mattress. Just looks like a really nice quality sheet. Really nice feeling, soft fabric. Definitely nice to have against baby's skin. Fits great, nice and snug but not a big stretch to get it around the mattress. I have a Cariboo bassinet. Overall I really liked it!